The Mountains of Brega

Richard Blade's trained hearing has picked up the sound of footsteps, approaching slowly and stealthily. With a quick jerk of his powerful arms, he pulled himself back up into the tree. Through the dense foliage, he saw them -- eight young women, dressed in camouflage suits.

Then he heard a steadily swelling chorus of grunts and half-verbalized mutterings. Four Neanderthal-like men appeared in the clearing. Then sudden ferocity of the women attacking the men, chilled Blade. But he was totally unprepared for what followed the kill -- a cannibalistic feast!

Blade soon learned that Brega was ruled by women who raised men in pens, then hunted them for sport. He also learned that he wanted no part of them.

Leaving Brega, headed for the Mountains of the Sun, Blade is challenged by what is equally as formidable a tribe -- but this time it's all men who relish killing women. Blade quickly sees that between the two extremes there must be a compromise and his attempts at a resolution nearly cost him his life!
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