The Monastery Treasures
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Sam 'n me, the me is a cowpoke called Gramps, are treasure hunters and this trilogy called "The "Monastery Treasures", tells you how they get started on a series of treasure hunts that will knock your socks off. This is the first of several anthologies that will bring together treasure hunting adventures in an easy reading format, I call my Saturday Matinee books. Saturday Matinee's were popular when I was a kid. They were serial movies the local theater had every Saturday that gave you an episode of an ongoing adventure that had you excited about going back the next Saturday to see the next episode. They were mostly westerns and that's where I developed my passion for cowboy lingo. Gramps is the narrator of these stories and he's a cowboy through and through. Each book in this trilogy is a bit longer than a typical short story, and a lot shorter than the typical book. They are meant to be quick easy reads that will give you a couple of hours of entertainment, and then you can set the trilogy aside, and come back to it when you get another couple of free hours. That's what creates what I call the Saturday Matinee style of reading. The Monastery Treasures are about treasures hidden by three different monasteries, with each hidden treasure being greater than the last. The only way to find them is for Sam to solve the complex code the monks used to describe where the treasures were hidden. That's only part of the problem the treasure hunters have. Sam's Uncle Timothy is determined to get the treasures when their hiding place is found, and will kill anyone who gets in his way. He wants it all for himself. I hope you have as much fun reading Gramps tell the stories in your imagination, as I did in creating them. Your imagination is your greatest treasure. I will be honored to have you add my stories to it.
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