The Mechanic and The Princess
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She’s called ‘the princess’ … but believe me, I’m not looking to be her prince.

Olivia shows up in my town, in my bar, and she’s way out of place. Bad enough I struggle to keep my rundown auto shop afloat and carry everyone in town after my family’s tragedy, now I’m carrying Olivia to safety after she makes a fool of herself in front of everyone.

By morning, a fancy car picks her up and she’s out of my town and my life. Or so I think. Next thing I know she’s back again. She’s here to apologize for what happened the first time - but now that I’ve set my sights on her, I don’t want her to take off again.

I’m know I’m just a dirty mechanic, but when these rough hands touch Olivia’s soft, perfect skin, sparks fly. Even if I come to realize that her real intentions in my town may cost me everything I own and love.

OLIVIA: If I knew the real story behind the town and the garage I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this mess.

I’m the good girl, ‘the princess’, the face of an empire that’s been built on lies and deception. I just want to find something good in my life - and after someone close to me passes away, I feel lost.

I feel empty.

I feel alone.

When I wake up on the couch in a house somewhere out in the country, I should be worried. But then a really good looking stranger hands me a cup of coffee and smiles. Before I can catch my breath, I’m whisked into his gritty, small town life. 
When we talk, we instantly flirt. When we touch, I forget who I am. He knows nothing about me and I want to know everything about him. 
There’s one small problem… okay, two.

First, the more I’m near him, the more I fall for him.

Second, I’m being paid to ruin his town, his business, and his life.

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