The Matchless Miss

England, 1814
Lovely Sarah Deveril lives quietly with her brother Jonathan in the rolling English countryside, until her life is turned upside down by a handsome yet mysterious stranger who arrives at her door one dark, stormy night.

The blind and wounded former soldier claims HIS name is Jonathan Deveril, propelling Sarah into a bizarre series of events as she tries to help the man she calls "Alexander" discover his true identity.

Taking pity on the desperate, and exceptionally handsome gentleman, Sarah nurses him back to health. Their relationship grows closer, and ever more intimate, until it spills over into the most thrilling passion.

Though wealthy and beautiful, Sarah has never met any man who stirred her heart, but one touch from Alexander is enough to set her on fire. Alexander has never known any woman could be so sensual, and he revels in the rare gift of love, even though he is sure he will lose Sarah once they discover who he really is. He fears his dark shadowy past, who he is, what he might have done during the Napoleonic Wars...

For the more Alexander learns about his true identity, the more certain he is that his very presence in her house is putting Sarah in danger. Yet their affair is like a heady drug, causing him to linger with the passionate woman who has come to mean more to him than life itself...
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