The Master of Liversedge / The Master and the Maiden
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Proud, defiant, she risked her heart in a clash between a great cause and a great love.

A Sundered Heart

The world was changing. Industry had revolutionized the England of 1812, bringing with it enormous wealth for some, but unrest and turbulence among the workers who were little more than slaves, living in squalor and misery.

Into this class Mary Lister was born, a defiant child of the changing time. She believed passionately in a cause--fair wages and decent conditions for the poor mill workers. Then fate confronted her with an impossible choice between her family and her beliefs, and her consuming love for the master of the mill--the powerful man who held her future, and the future of her people in his arrogant hand.

Original title: The Master of Liversedge.
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