The Lotus Vellum
First it was "The Cirle Of Ra"

Then it was "The Thanatos Society"

In each case, it was a structure designed to bilk the gullible for the personal gain of Dr. Manfred Blackton - practitioner of the black arts, high priest of black magic, panderer to the emotional needs of the weak.

Only one man could identify the many faces of Manfred Blackton: Dr. Paul Holton, his long-time adversary. It was inevitable that the two should clash again - this time for possession of the Lotus Vellum, that ancient occult writing that, fallen into the wrong hands, could ultimately destroy the world.

And as his ace in the hole in this deadly game, the insidious Dr. Blackton was gambling on the sanity - and eventually the life - of a young and helpless girl.

And so, once again, two strong men stood face to face in a superhuman contest of Good vs. Evil. Their weapons were faith on one side, and witchcraft on the other. And as Paul Holton knew it must, Good triumphed over Evil -

...or did it?...

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