The Little Red Hen: An Old Fable
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    Jun-2006 (Hardcover)
    Oct-2015 (Paperback)
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Working together makes working fun.

A little Red Hen lived in a house, with a frisky dog, a cat, and a mouse. So begins this fresh look at a beloved old fable. The little Red Hen's frisky housemates―Dog, Cat, and Mouse―would rather play than settle down to daily chores such as planting, cutting, and grinding wheat. But when the wheat is used to make a delicious cake, the little creatures are more than happy to help eat it! The Little Red Hen tells them that they can only eat the cake if they promise to help her work.
Heather Forest's rhythmic retelling captures the chaos of daily living and celebrates the spirit of teamwork inherent in the tale. Susan Gaber's whimsical illustrations transport the reader to a cozy cottage where the little Red Hen helps others learn how to help her even if it is more effort than doing the work herself. This animal story about teamwork will teach readers the importance of fairness, sharing and helping each other.
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