The Lion Returns
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At the end of World War Two, Curtis Macurdy returns to Nehtaka, Oregon as a decorated veteran. He wants only to live life as it was before the war, with his wife, among friends. But he has an earlier history, a hidden, other-worldly past he dares not speak of. And now it begins to surface. Instead of peace, he faces suspicions, questions he dares not answer . . . and tragedy.

Bitter, Macurdy passes once again through a cross-dimensional gate, into the land called Yuulith, where his peculiarities are honored, not cursed. There he finds old friends, old enemies--and another war. If he is to have peace, he must pay for it, and the payments seem impossibly steep.

He starts his quest with a single ally, a bodhisattva named Vulkan, incarnate as a great-tusked, giant wild boar. And meanwhile, drawing energy from the solar winds, Macurdy's old adversary, Crown Prince Kurqiisz, prepares a doomsday weapon that goes far beyond anything Macurdy imagines.

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    • First Edition
    • Aug-1999
    • Baen
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 0671578243
    • ISBN13: 9780671578244


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