The Journal of William Thomas Emerson
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    Sep-1998 (Hardcover)
    Dec-2012 (Paperback)
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My Conversation with Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson said that it was most important not to tell anyone about our talk or anything that has to do with the activities of the Committee. . . .

He said that he has observed me carefully since I came to work at the tavern. He said he thought I was a boy who could be trusted. . . .

He is aware that I can hear everything that goes on during the Tuesday night meetings and he knows that I have never betrayed him. . . .

I asked him how he knew this and he laughed. "There is no need to go into details," he said. Certain things had been discussed at the meeting purely to test me. To see if I was a true patriot.

He asked, "Are you ready for your first assignment, William Thomas Emerson?"
"I am, sir," I replied.
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