The Irish Detective 2
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Crime Writers' Association shortlisted author Scott Hunter's fourth, fifth, and sixth novels in his popular DCI Brendan Moran crime series – all in ONE volume. 'Hunter does it again. A cracking, fast-paced thriller that flows with an ease found only in the work of a master craftsman ... ' Silent As The Dead A call from an old friend whose wife has vanished from their home in Co.Kerry prompts DCI Brendan Moran to return to his Irish roots. The Gardai have drawn a blank; can Moran succeed where they have failed? Moran's investigation leads him to a loner known locally as the Islander, who reveals that the woman's disappearance is connected to a diehard paramilitary with plans to hit a high profile target in the UK. Time is running out. Can Moran enlist the Islander's help, or does he have to face his deadliest foe alone?... Gone Too Soon Moran is called to a burial in a local cemetery. But this is no ordinary interment; the body of a young woman, Michelle LaCroix, a rising star in the music world, is still warm, the grave unmarked. A recording reveals the reason for her suicide. Or does it?  Why would a young, successful singer take her own life? To unlock the answer, Moran must steer a course through his darkest investigation yet, as the clues lead to one shocking discovery after another. . . The Enemy Inside Whoever said 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' was right. But maybe not this close ...DCI Brendan Moran's morning is interrupted when a suicidal ex-soldier threatens to jump from a multi-storey car park ...   Moran soon regrets getting involved when an unexpected visitor turns up on his doorstep to confront him with what appears to be damning evidence of past misconduct.  Can the Irish Detective clear his name, or must he come clean and face the consequences? One thing seems certain: by the time the night is over, his reputation may not be the only casualty ...The Irish Detective 2 digital box set is the second omnibus edition of the popular DCI Brendan Moran crime series by CWA shortlisted author, Scott Hunter. Contents include the fourth, fifth and sixth in series + an exclusive short story 'Inside Job' ...Would you like to read DCI Brendan Moran short stories #1, 'A Crime for all Seasons' absolutely FREE? Join Scott Hunter's Crime Fiction newsletter at to receive a FREE copy of 'A Crime for all Seasons'. REVIEWS★★★★★ '...The story rattles into action and concludes with two jaw-dropping climaxes and a final fraught decision ...' ★★★★★ '...a well-planned, well-written novel. The writer has a fertile imagination and an attractive narrative style.' ★★★★★ ' of the best reads I have had this year. Gripped by the grizzled Irish detective.....plenty of twists and turns Bravo!'★★★★★ '...Brilliant book, satisfying and gripping!'★★★★★ '...Top drawer crime fiction...' --Amazon

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