The Independence

For millennia, the rogue Anunnaki clans have considered the Earth as their best source of slaves. With their starships and advanced technologies, they had easily deceived the early humans into believing that they were gods. But times have changed and present-day humans no longer see the Anunnaki as divine. Since the 1940s, modern militaries have guarded the skies with advanced radars and fast interceptors. The humans now wield a deadly arsenal of weapons forcing the alien clans to harvest their slaves covertly. In addition, the scientists at Zero Point have harnessed the unlimited potentials of Zero Point Energy, and the people of Earth possess free access to the limitless benefits of the Zero Point Field. This infinite source of energy, in the hands of human kind, has upset the delicate balance of power. An uneasy dÃ(c)tente exists, but all of that is about to change. With tensions looming, Doctor Larry Johnson and the science teams at Zero Point have struggled to construct a massive interstellar carrier: a starship of incredible power to lead a fleet of advanced spacecraft in the defense of Earth. This aggressive resistance is perceived as an insult to the ancient clans who declare open war against the peoples of Earth. Facing annihilation, the Earth forces prepare for a titanic struggle. Devastating new weapons of unimagined destruction are set to engage the rogue Anunnaki clans, while in the background an unobtrusive individual is quietly discerning the True Power of the Zero Point Field.
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