The Immortal War
In the continuation of their last adventure, Adam and his team have returned from The Lost Universe with the evil and insane Aris being Kracion close on their tail. Now the mission becomes two-fold: Warn the galaxy of this new threat, while also on a quest to find the artificial planet of the Aris in time to save Lila and Panur from being assimilated by Kracion, making him the immortal god he's spent three billion years to become. If he's successful, no power in the galaxy can stop him ... except maybe an ex-Navy SEAL from Southern California named Adam Cain....

With the fate of the galaxy in the balance, The Immortal War pits massive fleets of allied starships against the forces of Kracion and their advanced weapons and technology. In the meantime, Adam and Arieel are in a desperate race to beat Kracion to the lost Aris world before he can turn his evil ambitions into tragic reality.

Never has the galaxy faced such a threat. And never has Adam Cain had so much at stake. Calling this one a roller coaster ride of thrilling space opera adventure doesn't do it justice. This is more like a hurricane of heroism, with action on a grand scale ... and all the way down to individual acts of incredible sacrifice and bravery.

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