The House on Hibiscus Hill
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Someone was trying to frighten lovely young Jenneth Asher, owner of the large plantation at Hibiscus Hill. But who, and why? Could it be her stepbrother, Pierce Endicott, manager of the plantation? Perhaps he was not content to take orders from a young woman? Or maybe it was his wife, Chandra. Although she was once close to Jenneth, she was now sarcastic and jealous. Dear Miss Nollie, Jenneth's god-mother, couldn't be the culprit--or had she her own reasons for being so kind? Perhaps she envisioned a pairing of her young, clownish nephew, Kacy Gaither, and Jenneth. And Mr. and Mrs. Duffell, the hired help--ever since the death of their son, Ulric, whom Jenneth was to marry, Mrs. Duffell had been "peculair." Did she feel that Jenneth was responsible for the accident?

Or perhaps the evil-doer was the handsome, mysterious Daron Whitlock. Hibiscus Hill had been his family's plantation for generations, until it was sold during the Depression. Daron didn't hide the fact that he wanted the property, his "birthright." How far would he go to restore his heritage?

When a pot of geraniums narrowly missed crushing Jenneth, she realized that not only her sanity but her life was in danger. But to whom could she turn? She had little concrete evidence, not enough to bring before the police. She had only the terrible certainly that her life was in danger if she stayed in the house without protection.
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