The House of Adriano
Little orphaned Peter Balgare was no relation of Aileen's, but she felt responsible for him. Peter's father, she knew, had relatives in Spain, but he had never wanted to have anything to do with them - and when Aileen met Peter's uncle, the haughty Duarte Adriano, Conde de Marindos, she could easily understand why, and saw no reason why she should hand Peter over to him. But Duarte Adriano was a force to be reckoned with - as Aileen discovered before long!

Was there any hope for their love? Only a miracle could bring them together. Duarte Adriano was wealthy and arrestingly attractive. He might have been perfect had he not seen women simply as adornments! Besides Duarte was tied by a family-arranged engagement.

Hero: Duarte Adriano, Conde de Marindos
Heroine: Aileen Lawrence
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