The Hospital World of Susan Wray

Susan became aware that the doctor was watching her. He leaned back in his chair, studying her small office, the bookshelves laden with medical books, and slightly incongruous amongst such technical matter, a row of brightly covered detective novels. He noted the vase of flowers on the mantel, the only apparent concession to feminine love of decoration. " It's a good room ", he told her suddenly, unexpectedly. " A good place in which to forget a hospital existed. It's like an oasis, right in the heart of suffering and fear. It reminds me somehow of you sister. There' s something strong, unshakable, a quiet serenity about it, such as you carry with you in your work ". Susan stared at him, her eyes dark with surprise. This - the moody, untraceable Doctor More? He had always seemed oblivious of her presence, yet evidently such had not been the case. She felt confused and embarrassed at his words. Thus begins the story of a nurse and doctor whose personal and professional lives are to merge.
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