The Horse King

The bestselling universe of unimaginable magic and incredible adventure, where sorcerers, dragons, and demons clash in an eternal war of freedom--and domination...


With an army of evil wizards, the power-mad Horse King Lanith launches a war of genocide. Then Cabe Bedlam, Emperor Gryphon, and Darkhorse the Eternal join the battle against him-- and discover their true foe is a hideous, sadistic force from Beyond.

The Void Lord is the Horse King's ally and master, and the one being Darkhorse fears. Freed from eons of captivity, the monster enslaves the soul of Cabe's son, and plans to torture and then devour the entire Dragonrealm. Darkhorse, the Bedlams, and the drakes are helpless. But the world has one last weapon: the uncanny power of Yssa, the Green Dragon's half-human daughter...
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