The Hominoid Encounter
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Over the past century a mass of evidence has surfaced on the possible survival of one or more forms of man-like primates, 'relict hominoids', in the more inaccessible parts of the world. There are documented sightings by explorers, supplemented by travellers' observations, affirmations by people living in the wild regions, & a host of other clues. The accumulated material favours two, maybe three, strange human-like creatures - the Almas in the wastes & high mountains of west Mongolia and beyond in Central Asia, the Yeti in the middle & snow-clad heights of the Himalayas, and the Sasquatch in the mountainous forests of the Pacific north-west & the Florida swamps of North America. The story in this book is founded on the recorded & oral history of the Almas and on the assumption that it exists. It also describes the perils of a journey of a young explorer who goes in its search, his triumph when he is on the eve of discovery, and the deadly consequences for both pursuer and pursued for mistakes made.
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