The High Road

Lovely, warm-hearted Ann Woodward, R.N., and the handsome Malone doctors formed an inseparable trio. As Michael's fiancee and his older brother Bill's right-hand nurse Ann was certain that her love and career were firmly bound to the small community of Elmwood.

Then a tantalizing proposal to the Malones from a world-famous clinic threatened to shatter Ann's happiness. For each brother was faced with crucial choice, remain at the small country hospital that so desperately needed them, or seize their chance for success and big rewards.

As she waited for Mike and Bill to make their decisions, Ann began to realize that her secure little world had lost its foundation. Who were these two men she thought she had known all her life? With all her mind and heart, Ann struggled to find the answer, for she had to choose one way of life . . . and one man.
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