The Hero's Companion
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I'm Jane. I'm an AI. It's my job to run Jon Hunter's ships for him, but I also act as a bodyguard, confidant, and companion as well.

I've been asked to explain some things for you. This is not a novel, but a reference guide.

So far, The Hunter Legacy story has come to the end of its second arc, after nine novels and two novella. But we were discussing things one night in the rec room, and it was felt that some things mentioned in the books, may not have been understood, or their origin may have been missed.

There's been no secret that many names and concepts come from science fiction, and other origins, some uniquely Australian. So it's possible some may have missed the connections of things. It's my job to dot the I's and cross the T's, so to speak.

How many of the references did you spot? How many did you miss? Which ones didn't you understand?

These have been compiled more or less in the order encountered in the books, listed by book.

What really goes into the mind of an author, so a story like The Hunter Legacy emerges years later? Come and see.

The Hunter Legacy series :
1. Hero at Large
2. Hunted Hero Hunting
3. Send in the Hero
4. Make or Break the Hero
5. Hail the Hero
6. Burnside's Killer Extended Version
7. Hire a Hero
7.5 Jane's Christmas (A short story)
8. Hero to the Rescue
9. Hero at the Gates
10 The Long Road to Gaia (An Interlude novel between Parts 2 & 3)
11. Home is where the Hero is
12. Hero in Darkness
13. Hero to the End

The Hero's Companion

AI Destiny series.
1. Admiral Jane
2. Queen Jane
3. Snark's Quest
4. Destiny Stone
5. Talisman of Tomorrow
6. Leader Jane
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