The Hercules Project
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Being super doesn’t come with a training manual. No.3 plucked me out of my wheelchair and securely strapped me into a three point harness before I could even think to fight, not that I could have struggled much. He ignored me and left me there, carrying my folded chair out with him. I gaped, unable to breathe or think, watching him exit and approach a white-coated man who turned when No.3 spoke to him. I knew that scientist. “Dad!” He glanced at me and I felt a shudder of cold drive through my stomach. It was like he didn’t see me at all. Being super doesn’t come with a training manual. Sixteen-year-old Wyatt Simons has spent his entire life in a wheelchair, raised by his nanny Abigail since his scientist father wants nothing to do with him. That’s why Wyatt is so shocked when his dad has him brought to his secret underground lab where Wyatt is exposed to a secret military experiment, one that transforms his body beyond all expectations. But physical changes can do nothing to erase the fact his father still treats him like he’s in the way, or help find the dangerous saboteur undermining the project.
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