The Healer

Brilliant, driven surgical superstar Caroline Malone is desperate to recover from the injury that threatens to end her career, and she'll try anything that might help her heal -- including a rest away from it all in the remote Davis Mountains of west Texas.

Half Latino, half Anglo, Diego Montalvo knows exactly how it feels to have fate change your life. Three years ago he lost men as a Special Forces medic, and almost lost his life. Now back in the valley he left to follow the call of ambition -- and feeling a measure of peace at last -- he's trying to make a new life combining his Western medical training with the nontraditional ways of his Latino heritage as a curandero or folk healer.

Diego's hard-won peace vanishes when Caroline arrives. He understands her world -- once it was all he wanted -- and there is much he can teach her...if she'll let him. But if he succeeds in healing her, she'll return to a world that's not the world where Diego is needed...or the one he needs.
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