The Haunting of Victoria
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Determined to find her sister, who vanished from Tavistock Castle on All Hallows' Eve, Anne Durnham takes a post as art teacher to Victoria, daughter of the dark-eyed Marquess of Tavistock--whose attraction to Anne grows more daunting with every passing day.

An Unknown Peril...

Her elder sister had disappeared from Tavistock Castle...and now Anne Durnham, seeking an answer, has taken a position there, teaching art to the Marquess of Tavistock's daughter.

But Victoria is an odd girl--she will not speak, and she reacts with terror at the mention of Anne's sister's name. More disquieting, though, is the handsome dark-eyed Marquess--whose attraction to Anne becomes more apparent--and more frightening--with each passing day...

What Happened to My Sister . . .?

I squinted up at the blue sky. Marshmallow clouds floated lazily above, and in the distance there was the ricocheting sounds of a hammer - metal against stone. Descending the stone steps, I surveyed the courtyard that I had barely seen yesterday. Within the daunting stone walls were patches of brittle, dead grass surrounded by scrubby flower beds. Though winter's visage still covered the land, there was promise that this was a more gentle place in summer.

I faced east and headed under the main gate, toward the Roman ruins in the outerworks. Surely this was where Catherine had been. Would there be any trace of her presence?

A shadow fell across my path . . .

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