The Happiness Habit

Time of Trial...

Victoria Thomas was the perfect choice for secretary to the manager of the Lakeville Civic Improvement Club. Tori had "superhuman" patience and optimism, developed during four years spent as an invalid in a hospital bed. And with Lakeville in the middle of plans for an elaborate festival, patience and optimism were definitely needed to handle the day-to-day crises. There were minor "crises" like H. I. Buff, inveterate town booster, who insisted on running the show. There were nasty crises like Claudia Ames Garth, spoiled daughter of one of the town's richest men, divorced, and back home in time to jump on the festival bandwagon and try to lead it--and, incidentally, try to steal Tori's fiance, Dane Morgan. Still, Tori's "cool" didn't waver --until the day her kid sister, Teresa, announced she was one of the candidates for festival queen. Because if Teresa won, it would mean Tori and David would have to postpone their wedding--which could give Claudia exactly what she wanted ...
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