The Hand of Justice

Cambridge, February 1355 and as the worst snows in living memory begin to melt, a long frozen body is revealed...

As the temperature gradually rises in the Fenland town, the passions of its citizens also emerge from the winter chill. A skeletal hand has become an object of veneration, viewed by some as a holy relic and capable of curing all ills, but thought by others to have once belonged to a local simpleton. Two well-born citizens who had been convicted of murder have received the King's pardon and have now returned to Cambridge, showing no remorse for their actions but ready to confront those who helped convict them.

And there is a dispute between the local mills as to which should have the right to distribute the King's corn. So when Matthew Bartholomew is summoned to one of the mills where two people have been discovered dead, both with nails penetrating their mouths, he and Brother Michael know who to question, but as so often in this fledgling university city, nothing is as straightforward as it seems .. .
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