The Godsend
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Desperate to find a version of reality she can live with, Miira Tahn sets out to explore Innerscape, but along the way she discovers there are other worlds open to her as well. The HUBs connect Innerscape to every location in the virtual universe, and some, like the gaming world of the Shogunate, prove to be a lot of fun.
Back in Innerscape, however, a darker game is unfolding. Someone wants the Burned Man silenced, but only the AI knows which body is where, and it's immune to threats. People, however, are so much easier to manipulate.
Caught in a web of intrigue and deceit, Miira and her friends become pawns in a game where losing means death.
‘The Godsend’ is the second book of the Innerscape cycle and corresponds to Episodes 2 and 3 of the original series.

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