The Girl in Apartment 9
There once was a girl.A beautiful girl with the world at her palms.But then the girl slowly and surely discovered,The world she once loved was nowhere to be found.Happiness and hope?That's for fairy tales.There's no prince charming to the rescue,No knight in shining armor.And for the Girl in Apartment 9?Well, her story is about to be told...FBI Agent Emma Griffin has had to overcome many obstacles throughout her life to get to her happily ever-after.But somehow death and destruction always loomed over her shoulders.When she is asked by her neighbor Paul to find Sydney Parker, a girl that has gone missing from a nearby college, Emma jumps on the case.On the surface, Sydney seems like a high-achiever. A good student, a good daughter, and a girl that champions for mental health awareness.So, what could have possibly happened to cause her to vanish from her apartment?Did she leave on her own or was she taken?What is the truth behind the girl in Apartment 9?And what does it have to do with the trail of bodies piling up on campus?
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    • First Edition
    • May-2022
    • Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
    • Trade Paperback

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