The Girl and the Field of Bones
There are secrets only the dead can tell.And some of these secrets refuse to remain buried.Since the death of her mother, FBI agent Emma Griffin has devoted her life to uncover the truth behind even the most shocking mysteries.Now Emma must confront the dangerous, but unavoidable truth behind what she witnessed in the temple. The people behind this secret society call themselves the Order.The Order has committed one too many atrocities to ignore.But their vow of secrets and silence locked behind vaulted doors has made Emma's mission of confronting the truth, almost impossible.When another mystery resurfaces and death comes knocking close to home, Emma begins to feel entrapped by a maze. A mysterious field with the dead buried beneath.The lives of the past and the present lay on the line. The only way to save them is to fight the terrifying monsters head on.But what do you do when the evil you are fighting lurks in the shadows and refuse to come out?There is no more running, and you cannot hide.The only option is to fight like mad to survive.
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    • First Edition
    • Oct-2020
    • Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
    • Trade Paperback

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