The Gilded Butterfly
When Selina Stevens went out to the tiny South American country where her father lives she soon got into the bad books of her father's friend, Alastair Grainger. Alastair thought her a silly, frivolous playgirl who would be better advised to leave as soon as possible and get back to her jet-set friends. In fact, Selina was forced to leave the country almost immediately, when she unwittingly got herself into a difficult and dangerous situation. As it was Alastair who had save her from it, perhaps it was inevitable ;that she should have fallen in love with him. But he was not for her, he told her firmly; apart from his ingrained disapproval of her there was too great a barrier between them. She must go away and forget him. Was it going to be as easy as that, though?

Hero: Alastair Grainger
Heroine: Selina Stevens

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