The Game of Shepherd and Dawse
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The Game of Shepherd & Dawse is a spiritual allegory exploring the origins of good and evil in our world and how these blended traits are now evidenced in all people alive today. Have you ever wondered why some people, regardless of their life particulars, seem so full of love while others seem perpetually weighted down by darkness? Why is this? Why are some people bullies and others are bullied? Is there a force behind this? If humans are supposed to be inherently good, how does this happen? The Game of Shepherd & Dawse offers a visionary and original perspective, not only on where we’ve come from but also where humanity is headed!Much like The Alchemist or The Celestine Prophecy, The Game of Shepherd & Dawse can be read on many levels by a wide variety of readers, each taking away the lessons appropriate for them. The Game of Shepherd & Dawse includes elements of humor and wit, suspense, insight, wisdom and personal transformation – all told with a fable-like simplicity reminiscent of Roald Dahl.Charlie Clark is the 8-year-old neighbor, and unsuspecting student, of Mr. Joe Sadsoul. Joe is a friend to Charlie but also a father figure and grandfather rolled into one. Joe teaches Charlie many things over their short time together, but the day Charlie really starts to evolve is the day Joe shares a story about a special place and time called Shepherd Wood.Shepherd Wood is a bygone era where everyone lives a more peaceful, gentle and harmonious way of life, a place of utopia and unimagined tranquillity where everyone is at peace with themselves and with their surroundings, a place where the power of love flows freely. Aman is the beautiful daughter of Sasha and Aiesha, who live in Shepherd Wood in harmony with the rest of their community. Little does Aman know that events soon to unfold in her life will change and shape the whole of humanity. Little does Charlie know, the events soon to unfold in Shepherd Wood would mirror events unfolding in his own life – events he would come to know as “The Game of Shepherd & Dawse.”‘READ IT FORWARD’ — With our downloads now in the thousands, we can’t thank our devoted readers enough! If you enjoy reading this book as much as we did writing it, please leave us a review, in order to help others find and enjoy this book too.
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