The Fortunate Belle
An Unforgettable Lesson In Love...
AS the indisputable belle among the bevy of Lacebridge lovelies, Elizabeth was extravagatly spoiled and accustomed to getting her own way. Supremely confident of her dazzling charms, she determined to set her cap for no one less than the riches bachelor in sight.

Emerging as the toast of the social season, she was besieged by a host of London's most eligible and dashing young men-as well as one slightly older, if handsome and sophisticated suitor who impressed her not at all.

As she shamelessly calculated who could best satisfy her high ambitions, she though she had considered everything. But she had never planned on actually giving her heart-and to, of all people, an older but wiser gentleman who was still young enough to teach the astonished beauty there was more to the fame of love than money.

Heroine: Elizabeth "Beth" Lacebridge

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