The Flawless Mr. Faraday
An intriguing stranger appears, and the fire of romance is lit in the small town of Eagle's Glen.

Adam Cline lives above "The Beguiling Bean" - Eagle's Glen's popular coffee shop. His meticulous dedication to detail has made him a "go to" copy editor; detail and structure are his strengths. His self-imposed isolation prevents distraction, but an impending sense of something amiss might soon interrupt his efforts to control his personal world.

Geoffrey Faraday is the proverbial enigma wrapped in a riddle, appearing on the same time, on the same day in Eagle's Glen, every two weeks. He has a keen interest in Eagle's Glen's history, as well as the characters who walk her streets. A chance encounter as he explores the colorful past of the Beguiling Bean's basement throws his exploration and Adam's controlled environment into uncharted waters.

Geoffrey's attraction to Adam goes far beyond mere physical appeal. Tentative steps toward one another lead to mutual desire. But when the relationship threatens to disrupt Adam's structure, he panics, and Geoffrey reveals unexpected secrets.

Will love and the nurturing network of Eagle's Glen be enough to keep them together?

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