The Fettered Past
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First love can bring ecstasy and pain, sometimes also disillusion. To Gail Redding, her first love brought all three and for a time it seemed as if she would never be able to throw off the shackles of her past. Eventually she decided to leave England and visit friends in West Africa. She fell in love second time in her life, this time with a man of integrity, a Security Officer. But she kept the one secret her husband could never forgive. Now, despite her husband's work was dangerous, and life in the Bush was good but harsh, Gail is stoic and devoted and tackled it bravely. By a somewhat surprising and strange quirk of fate, however, the past imprisoned catches up with her and her new life is threatened. Everything is at stake, from her husband's career to the happiness they have found together. Esctasy, pain and desilusion were in her past - would her new love overcome that past?

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    • Aug-1970
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    • ISBN: 0090034902
    • ISBN13: 9780090034901
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