The Enchantress

Out of an England ablaze with rebellion comes a searing tale of a love and a woman -- as wild as the dark gypsy night!

Many men knew her gypsy wiles, but only two knew her gypsy passion.

BRENT BALAMAIN: The reckless aristocrat. Rebel soldier for the exiled King James III. He loved her as he had loved no other, but she was torn from him by an unanswerable fate.

ANGUS LORD FALCONER: Cruel Scottish lord. Colonel in the conservative army. He wanted her for his own. He would give her jewels and fine houses, but she needed something more.

ANALEE THE GYPSY: Horse thief, dancer, sorceress, weaver of magic spells and potions. She was a passionate, wild and independent woman. She could control all but her own wild gypsy heart.

A full-blooded tale of passion and adventure - of the fight for love, for survival and for the King of England!

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