The Earl's Intriguing Imposter
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Damien Aldermann, the Earl of Royston, is requested to visit Lord Norton, Damien's deceased father's best friend, and meet his daughter. Damien is concerned for Lord Norton's mental health. He has been ill and never quit grieving the loss of his wife and small daughter at sea, fifteen years ago. Damien is certain this woman is an imposter. But when they meet he is uncomfortably attracted to the black haired, violet eyed beauty. Forcing himself to ignore the strong physical desire, he seeks to uncover her deviousness. Annabelle has fled her home in Spain to seek out a father she recently discovered existed. She hoped he'd protect her from the man she fears, but he is ill and Damien is determined to prove she's a fraud. She doesn't understand the immediate attraction she feels for Damien. Can she ever trust him enough to share her secret and ask for help?

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