The Courting of Philippa

Miss Philippa was not the kind of young lady who spent her leisure embroidering or playing the pianoforte. Far from it; she was a very successful author of romantic novels. Thus she was chagrined to be snubbed by the handsome writer Henry Ashton whose own book she admired. And when she learned he considered love stories so much drivel and completely beneath his notice, she vowed to teach him a thing or two about literature -- and about romance as well...

Ashton had no time for foolish young misses who published romantic nonsense and then put on literary airs. True, the attractive Miss Davenport had a rather charming way with words, he'd give her that. But it was patently obvious she knew little about love and nothing at all about men. And if she intended to teach him a lesson, she just might find him all too avid a student...

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