The Copernicus Deception
When Adam and Riyad journey to the planet Visidor to help free their alien friends Kaylor and Jym from vindictive local law enforcement, they thought all it would take would be wowing the locals with their celebrity. After all, they'd just saved the galaxy from the evil Sol-Kor menace. Unfortunately, not everyone is as impressed with the creatures from Earth as expected.

Now begins a wild adventure involving the most-powerful galactic corporations to ever exist--stronger than any so-called empire--along with hordes of angry drug-runners and more, all in a desperate race to discover a secret that will alter the balance of power throughout the Milky Way galaxy--forever.

And add to this a belligerent Juirean military determined to start another war with the Humans, a war that will be far more destructive than any that's come before.

Seldom are things as simple or as obvious as they first appear, and the mysterious Copernicus Smith is a perfect example of this. His secret--his deception--will determine the fate of thousands of worlds, including Earth.

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