The Case of the Specter of the Spectre: Birth of the Super Sleuths Seven

Join Luanne and Heatheria as they embark on adventures around the Known World and beyond, solving mysteries.Together with Helena Harper, Ashley Whitaker, Miles Warren, Roxy Norrington, and her bloodhound, Artù, they are the "Super Sleuths Seven".Roxy Norrington, Luanne's teenage cousin from a village called Gardenia, has arrived in Melania so that her father can have some quiet time for at least a year. However, as soon as she arrives in Melania, she discovers that her bloodhound, Artù, has been getting riled up since they'd checked in to Mount Melania Hotel.After sending a message to her cousin at the Palace, Roxy joins forces with the Princess and Heatheria Winchester--as well as Helena Harper, Ashley Whitaker, and Miles Warren--to solve a mystery revolving around the old Spectre Theater, ultimately having to uncover the truth behind the legend of the "Specter of the Spectre". In the end, they discover that the specter of which legend speaks is not all that she seems.Can the "Super Sleuths" discover the truth behind the legend of the Specter of the Spectre--or will they end up specters themselves before the night is over?
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