The Boy From Nowhere

NOTE TO PARENTS - It starts with a sassy kid who has little problem obeying his parents. It’s no wonder, then, that he finds himself in a dozen different kinds of trouble. Geared for children ages 5 to 8, in these magical stories recount the misadventure of a smart, irrepressible and gusty boy who finds out exactly what can go wrong when he doesn’t follow his parent rules or take their advice. Children need and parents welcome the effect of instructive stories in their lives. Deeply engrossed in a video game, Tom will not let anything or anyone break his concentration-he's just a few points away from beating his highest score ever. But a knock on the door disturbs him. It's his mother saying that one of his friends from across the street wants to come over and play. Aw, Mom! Tom cries as the TV flashes GAME OVER. See what you made me do! But for Tom the game's only just beginning as a whirlwind punches out of the screen and sucks Tom into the eerie world of his game where there are no friends around to help him. The Boy from Nowhere recounts the thrilling experience of a boy who learns that in the end it's only your friends that matter.
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