The Borzoi Control
  • Published:
    Oct-1986 (Hardcover)
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    General Fiction
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This spy-fi thriller has more threads than the old Coates & Clark sample box. It opens in Arizona with a murder and a successful coverup; leaps to the interior of the Kremlin, where KGB and GRU operatives gossip about their work while forcing 18-year-old virgins to their perverted lusts; thence to Langley Field, where CIA directors make plans to extricate from Moscow a defector named Colonel Petrov; and switches to Brooklyn, where the CIA kidnaps Eric Garfield, a young political adviser. For reasons the CIA cannot determine, the Russian defector will come out only if accompanied by Garfield. Once in Russia, Garfield learns that Petrov is his natural father and has no intention of getting out but rather plans to keep Garfield in. The colonel does reveal that the Arizona murderer, now a presidential candidate, is a KGB dupe. In the meantime, Garfield falls in love with a beautiful Russian. Ellis has stitched together a colorful tapestry that makes exciting sense in parts; in its entirety it does not hold up.
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