The Barkin Emeralds
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    Traditional Regency
  • Time Period:
    19th Century Regency (1811-1820)
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The Captive Heart

Miss Maggie Bonner is returning her mistress's rejected betrothal gift -- an emerald necklace -- to Lord Barkin in Scotland. But while Maggie is traveling on the open sea, her ship is overtaken by a pirate vessel captained by the infamous Black Collum, who mistakes Maggie for Barkin's intended and kidnaps her.

Black Collum is no rogue pirate, though. His true identity is Gulliver MacGuigan, and he has abducted Lord Barkin's bride in an effort to settle an old score with him. When Gulliver learns who Maggie truly is, he is relieved, for he would hate to think he is falling in love with another man's betrothed...and not a spirited miss he can claim as his own.
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