Texas Conquest

Mariah Palmer had lived on the Brazos River all her life. It was her land, her home and one day she would see it free from Mexico forever. And if Santa Ana thought that his henchman, Matthew Cade, would take it from her, he was sadly mistaken. She would never give in to the debonair soldier of fortune who tried to charm and cajole her with his suave, good looks and expensive gifts. Instead, she would seduce him with soft kisses, passionate caresses, and the promise of her virtue. And she knew that when she was through with the traitorous Mr. Cade, he would grant her every wish...


Matthew Cade always accomplished his missions, no matter how dangerous or difficult. But no one had warned him that this time the obstacle to his success was a violet-eyed beauty with sun-red hair that shone like flames. Yet, all he wanted was to taste her sensuous mouth, to feel the gentle curves of her full breasts against him, to savor the wine of her innocence and passion. His need for her erased all thoughts of duty and loyalty. Now the one driving force in his life was to tame her, to make her his very own TEXAS CONQUEST

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    • First Edition
    • Aug-1988
    • Zebra
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 0821724258
    • ISBN13: 9780821724255


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