Taming Mr. Darcy
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The only thing Alexi Reyes and her big sister Melody have in common is their love for chocolate and ice cream. Where Melody goes out of her way to be friendly, Lexi prefers the solitude of her laptop and the quiet of her apartment. She’s independent, cool, and confident. And she definitely doesn’t need anybody to be happy. But hiding from the world doesn’t shield her from falling in love. And Lexi is completely unprepared for the sensation.

Video game designer, Andrew Darcy, has the last name of a literary heartthrob and the looks to go with it. He’s in Belize for a few weeks, helping out at the station that Lexi’s working for. He’s reserved and arrogant, and Lexi feels an immediate dislike. Until he reveals his true colors and she finds the red tones of his generosity and yellow bursts of his kindness unendingly attractive. Lexi knows all there is to know about marriage and relationships. She’s got a game plan for that time, whenever it comes.

Can she keep her head on her shoulders when she’s head over heels in love?

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