Jackie Cutticio has found one of the loves of her life in Ashley Bell, who not only loves her back but is accepting of Jackie's desire for a third in their relationship, a worldly man. They start their search at the Club. Alistair Frayne owns the Club and hasn't forgotten Jackie, who ran from him years earlier despite her strong feelings and her promise to wait. Both are astonished when they meet again. Coincidence or fate? Alistair has never gotten over Jackie, and she has never forgotten him. Can Alistair accept a menage, or will his dominant sexual nature preclude sharing Jackie? She dares to hope that this second chance, while being more than she deserves, will spell a fairy-tale ending, for Ashley and Alistair work well as a team, in bed and out. Their deep love for the same woman, returned in kind, may fulfill all of their hopes and dreams as the relationship evolves.

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