Straight Shooter
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    Romantic Suspense
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Thief extraordinaire Peyton Risk is hired for a very simple mission: Find an envelope aboard a Florida Senator's yacht. With the envelop in hand, she's caught before she can jump ship. The Senator's under a microscope after his nephew's involvement with the murder of a prostitute. He orders the guards to do whatever it takes to make Peyton confess who hired her. Undercover FBI agent Rhett Callahan's assignment is at risk when a thief is found on board the Senator's ship. When he's ordered to kill Peyton, he's forced to abandon his mission and get Peyton off the ship alive. A storm brews outside but it pales in comparison to the feisty, less-than-grateful strawberry-blonde. The questions surrounding the Senator grow along with the body count. They race against time as danger closes in at every turn. The net of twisted killers is thick, tangling the web of deception tighter the closer they get to the truth. Keeping the information secure is as difficult as avoiding the temptation that blazes between them.    
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