Storm Shades
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Sophie Braun is running from a danger she can't escape.

Beaumont, Wyoming is the last place Sophie expects to find herself in, but it's also the only place where she can put as much distance between herself and her boss Luke Calambor without the risk of being fired. But with Calambor's habit of personally dropping in to follow up with his employees, Sophie knows it's only a matter of time before she has to deal with him again.

Ashton doesn't want outsiders intruding on his pack's lands

In charge of Beaumont in all but name, Ashton has led the werewolf pack of this region for years. He knows the trouble that outsiders can bring to his home--even if the same outsider has left his inner wolf stirred and restless.

Their worlds are about to collide and there's nothing stopping it

The more time Sophie spends in Beaumont and around Ashton, the more questions she has about the entire town--questions with seemingly no answers. Especially, the raw passionate fire burning behind Ashton's eyes each time he's looking at her...

... and why she wants him to do so much more.


Ashton stares at her like she’s a present. “You’re so goddamn beautiful,” he says reverently, tracing the line of her cheekbone down to her jaw. “I want you so badly, more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.” He pulls her face closer to his so that their foreheads are resting against each other.

“I know the feeling,” she says, panting. All she can think about is having his lips back on hers.

“I’m trying to control myself, but I just want to take you. I don’t want to hurt you.” Ashton’s eyes take on that luminous quality again, and Sofie feels like he can see right through her.

“You won’t,” she assures him. “Take me. I’m yours.”

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