Standing in The Light


Darkness has covered Jasmine and Zack’s life. Can they cope? Will Jasmine be able to keep it together? Even though Zack tries to be strong for both of them, it’s like trying to climb Everest. Jasmine’s progress takes on a yoyo effect. Its two steps forward and one step back, but as she soon discovers, that she’s not her illness. Her illness is only part of her life, not her life, and with that knowledge she’s able to overcome it somewhat.

Zack suggests they stand in the light, that the only way to overcome darkness, is to step into the light. It sounds easier said than done, and each time they try to, something or someone brings the darkness back again. But with all things, love must conquer all. The question is, will their love be strong enough to overcome it? Will they finally be happy?

‘Honey?’ Jasmine walked down the steps cautiously.
‘It’s Kimberly,’ he said finally. ‘She wants to talk to me.’
Jasmine had thrown up nothing, but the act of causing pain had brought about a sense of control.
‘I want to do this, this standing in the light thing,’ she said. ‘I want to try, I will go to therapy, but I’m not ready to go to work.’
He smiled, but was still nervous about the noise coming from the door.
‘Okay.’ He held out his hand.
‘In order to do that you’re going to have to face her; you’re going to have to face the truth. Isn’t that what it’s all about?’
There was a moment where it all made sense to him. He’d just asked her to face something, and yet he wasn’t willing to face his own demons.
‘You know what, you’re right, but I’m afraid of what I might do to her.’
‘You told me that you wanted to kill your mother, but you didn’t because you saw my face. I’m here with you right now. You’re not capable of harming anyone.’
He nodded even though he wasn’t sure about that. There was still a rage within him burning so strongly, that he was sure that at some point it would come out.
‘You’re right.’ He squeezed her hand. ‘You’re right.’
Jasmine nodded, and together they walked to the door. Kimberly stood looking like a wounded puppy.
‘Zack,’ she whispered. ‘I’m so, so sorry, I didn’t know.’
He clenched his teeth.
‘I didn’t know about Claire. I didn’t mean for this to happen.’ Kimberly was in tears.
Jasmine held onto his hand a little tighter, and he did the same.
‘My sister almost died! How could you do this to me, to us? Did you think it was going to bring us back together?’
‘What I did was unforgivable, it didn’t make me feel any better. I realise now, that it was the worse thing I’ve ever done.’
He watched her angrily, and squeezed Jasmine’s hand tight, so as not to reach for her and strangle her.
‘I’ve brought your keys.’ She sniffed as she reached for her jacket pocket. ‘I’ve taken all my things.’
He took the keys.
‘Before I go, there is something I need you to know.’
‘I think we’re done talking. Ask for forgiveness from God, just like my mother did. He tends to be pretty generous! I have none here to give you!’ He was about to shut the door.
‘It was Troy!' she blurted before he could shut the door.
Zack pulled the door opened, and eyed her for a moment.
‘Troy did it, he planned all of it! I didn’t want to go through with it!’

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    • First Edition
    • May-2014
    • Iris Deorre
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1498929362
    • ISBN13: 9781498929363