So Wicked My Desire

A wild, turbulent tale of hot young blood and blazing passion. It sweeps the reader across oceans and continents, from the wilds of 19th Century Australia to the New World, from the holocaust of the great Chicago fire to the San Francisco earthquake to the most horrendous debacle in the history of man -- the volcanic eruption of Krakatoa in the South Seas. ADELAIDE TRENT -- the blindingly beautiful vixen who broke the hearts of all who loved her and whose beauty swept men after her -- even to the remote corners of the earth.
DAN BOYLE -- Tall, angular, red-haired, a raging firebrand, who raced halfway across the world to win Addie's love.
NED KELLY -- A killer, a robber as different from Dan as night from day, but consumed with passion for Adelaide and driven by the desire to posses her very soul.
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