Snark's Quest
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Snark is on his way home from seeing Jane crowned Queen, and the Kingdom of Hunter's Run come into being.

The Owl War is over, and the trade deal he made, might finally be enough for this wayward cat to be allowed back into cat society.

The only thing faster than human ships, is the stories about their entry into sector ten, which ripple into the adjacent sectors.

On the Cat Homeworld in sector eight, this triggers long awaited, and long stifled change. For a Warlord in sector nine, human tech would allow him to rule the sector, instead of his currently small empire.

Snark ends up taking the long way home, along the way teaming up with the last of the Romanovs, a Scot, and a small band of fellow cats, traveling on a human ship. Two of them are on their own quests, but when Snark is tasked with the ultimate safety of the Cat Homeworld, are they trying to do three quests at once, or are they all really Snark's Quest?

AI Destiny series.
1. Admiral Jane
2. Queen Jane
3. Snark's Quest
4. Destiny Stone
5. Talisman of Tomorrow
6. Leader Jane

The A.I. Destiny novels are a spin off of The Hunter Legacy series.
Hero at Large, Hunted Hero Hunting, Send in the Hero, Make or Break the Hero, Hail the Hero, Burnside's Killer, Hire a Hero, Jane's Christmas, Hero to the Rescue, Hero at the Gates, The Long Road to Gaia, Home is where the Hero is, Hero in Darkness, Hero to the End. The Hero's Companion.
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