Smuggler's Bride
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From the moment young Harriette Mead first laid eyes on Benedict Sutcliffe on the streets of Regency London, she felt the spell of this powerfully bult, darkly handsome man. But only many months later - deep in the lonely quiet of the English countryside - did she learn the true depth of his hold on her.

Harriette was a widow now - after a strange, brief marriage to a dying old man. She had come to the crumbling old manor of Bryony Lodge to take possession of her mysterious legacy. There Benedict Sutcliffe was warn her of the cruel curse of the be her guide in a world of primal terror so far from the aristocratic elegance of be her loving protector as inexorably she was drawn toward the nightmare abyss so cunningly prepared to receive her body and drown out her screams...
UK CORGI Edition

The Warrington household was not a pleasant one for a young governess. It was grim necessity that made Harriette bear with a parsimonious master, a bad-tempered mistress and two spoilt children. She was also not too happy about the sinister old gentleman who lived next door - frequently the noises of footsteps and crashing furniture woke her in her attic room...

But when fate - in the form of amourous advances from the young master of the house - found her without work, money or home, she discovered that 'sinister' old Mr Hardware proved an unexpected benefactor. Suddenly, life was to become an exciting and romantic adventure for Harriette Mead...

Also published under author Rosalind Laker

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    • First Edition
    • Aug-1976
    • Signet
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 045107114X
    • ISBN13: 9780451071149


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