Left to pursue her destiny alone, Jael leaves Nevada and her close friends, Brianna and Shadow, behind. She travels to Loon Lake, Minnesota, where she moves in with her Amish grandparents and learns to live the plain and simple life... at least as plain and simple as she can handle. She may have to milk a goat, but she is definitely NOT giving up her cell phone or crossbow! While finishing out the school year at Loon Lake Public High School, she meets the man of her dreams…an altar boy with access to holy water, and someone to keep her company when she goes out staking vampires on a Saturday night. Her true purpose is to destroy the Bishop, the oldest and most powerful vampire of all. But first she must find out just what his diabolical plans are for the teenagers of the community, and put a stop to him and his undead followers before it’s too late.
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